Editorial Services

Approach me about the possibility of editing your masterpiece, whether it's a thesis or a novel. 

Let me see it before we discuss rates, maybe over email. Why?

I'd like to know how much work will be involved in polishing your draft, and exactly what you want from the service.

Do'nt bee putt off by the ravens of a lewnatic. 

A testimonial from Michele Weinstat Miller for my (unpaid-for) critiquing:

"Richard's input made my novel far stronger. He always offered sage advice, spot-on edits, and maintained respect for my story, never scaring me that he was trying to rewrite the book the way HE would write it if it were his."

Liv Therese Dalin said:
"Richard Gibney is an extraordinary editor.  Perhaps not everyone's cup of tea, but if you pass on him, you might make a huge mistake. He'll be blunt and honest. Richard has made me a better writer, and I remain in his debt for making my words shine the way they do."

Contact me today at ragtagiggagon@gmail.com.