Novel background: The Perduror by Richard Gibney

My first collection of shorter stories, called Fade to Black, will be out some time in the near future.
I planned to bring it out last year but then an opportunity came up from four wonderful fellow writers to put my novel, The Perduror, into an independently produced boxset alongside their works.
Posing in front of a castle (really, this one is just a big old Victorian pile.)

The novel is now available on its own on Amazon and features a family at its core that has a (recorded) history stretching back many centuries – and I did a little research on this to see how feasible it would be to have this family history passed down from one generation to the next. 

It turns out there are some tribal clans in Ireland that would have a history going back to Pagan times, and some about three hundred years before Christ. The O'Briens - their most famous ruler being Brian Boru - would be one such family.

The Earls of Ormond – the Butler family – are another example.
One of them was apparently engaged to be married to Anne Boleyn before Henry the Eighth got his hands on her!

Another family is the Talbots, who owned a lot of the land around where I grew up, including Malahide Castle (a twenty minute drive through some leafy backroads) here.

Although the elements of my characters' family history are a little daft coz fiction, there is some crazy stuff in Ireland - from architecture to anecdotes both apocryphal and confirmed - that are inspiring.

So my hero (a young man called Blythe) is upper-middle class, his politics a little more conservative than my own, and his family have funny upper class names like Glascott.
That's about it. More on the book later! You can get it here.