Lora Lee by PJ Webb

PJ Webb's Lora Lee opens with an aspiring author - the eponymous teenager living in South Carolina in 1922 - seeking the approval of the local elderly newspaper editor. Her best friend, Amanda, would
probably be diagnosed bi-polar today, often bed-ridden with depression.

Lora Lee is herself plagued by a recurring dream. Her brother, Riley - a handsome chap two years her senior - initiates a clandestine affair with Amanda.

With dashes of Gothic - both Southern and Victorian - Webb lays out the opening pages of a superb yarn involving blazing homesteads, orphanages, murders and suicides in the opening chapters.

This ghost story is well-made horror. You can buy Lora Lee now!

PJ Webb's author page on Amazon can be viewed here!

Let the hate end...A rant

Letter To those who voted for Trump:

People are PRAYING that Trump will be a good president.
There are statements floating around like this too:

"Name-calling instead of respectful debate is not right. It's wrong to harm other people, regardless of how you personally feel."

When people have accused Obama for eight years of treason, or of being Satan, or being disgusting, or of being a liar, or of being like Hitler, what do his opponents who NOW WANT TO RESPECTFULLY DEBATE, actually hear?

Are these fair descriptors of the man? Comparisons to HITLER?

You think you can stand alongside people who draw these disgusting comparisons for eight years,
and white supremacists, after voting in a racist xenophobe, and now the Left is going to be REASONABLE while YOUR post-Patriot-Act civil and data protection rights - and whatever else - continue to be dismantled?

Your own freedoms will be undermined by the reactionary cabal you voted in, which is regarded by many as the most right-wingnut mainstream party in the Western hemisphere.

You understand that in 1933, the Jewish communities of Europe were seen as dangerous - the Jews were the suicide bombers of the times. The terrorists. And we know what happened then.

So you're COOL with endorsing a guy who says the same about Muslims today - because you're scared of WHAT exactly?  You're only scared because of the fear-whipping scumbags, the idiots, the ones who talk up the hate, the fascists: The conservatives YOU vote for.

And remember, these are the same "small government" conservatives who came in with Bush and - after BJ Clinton left the White House with an increased number of public servants, relative to his predecessors - INCREASED THE CIVIL SERVICE FURTHER.

And when Bush required consensus to go into Iraq or to push through the Patriot Act (with his constant preying on fear and terror), these progressives, these Democrats, were willing to listen.

Bush tortured prisoners - some of them entirely innocent and mistakenly snatched. Bush incarcerated innocents at Guantanamo too - a prison Obama wanted to shut down because its name is synonymous with everything wrong in the world.

And yet Trump wants to bring back torture. Right? He's been on the record saying it's a good idea.

I AM NOT SAYING TRUMP IS BUSH. I am only saying he wants to bring back torture.

Sticking with conservative policy, Bush ruined the world economy for a few years with an ideologically-based refusal to bail out a bank. Is there more nuance than that?

Yet there's an amazing amount of nuance when Obama bails out the auto-industry. It's suddenly the TAXPAYERS who bail it out, not the president? So what was Bush doing? Letting nature take its course?
Hillary's with the banks, though, right? Maybe she wouldn't be dumb enough to let a big one fail.

When Obama tries to build consensus, his opponents refuse to listen, refuse to come to the table, and then they turn their backs. Obama was told very early in his presidency "You lie!" by a man not fit to lick the president's boots clean.

Bush sent Colin Powell to the United Nations with intelligence FULL of lies seeking a mandate to go into Iraq. MILLIONS HAVE DIED as a result of THAT lie. Some of them American.

The neoconservatives were not expecting the sectarianism and infighting in Iraq AFTER THEY DISMANTLED THE IRAQI ARMY, after they said "We don't do nation-building", after they toppled a horrible dictator (WHO as we've seen HAD! NO! WEAPONS!).

The neoconservatives had been PLANNING an Arab Spring LONG BEFORE 9-11 - look up the Project for the New American Century. Just look it up! The neocons were entirely agenda-driven in their foreign adventure since the mid-90s.

It's a DISASTER that both Hillary and Obama have been dealing with, perhaps inadvertently, perhaps intentionally, for some time now, pursuing this same neoconservative agenda.

The horrible Left: Gnome Trotsky
Benghazi in 2012 would likely NEVER have happened if Commander Cuckoo Bananas hadn't stolen his first election in 2000, and got a second term on the back of a terror attack.
Barney Saunders


"Terror! Terror! Terror!" was his excuse. Sh*tting from his mouth like a junior senator from Wisconsin.

Bush would never have had the opportunity to lie, and to torture, and abuse prisoners, and set new disgusting, satanically-low standards for international boorishness and arrogance which the Chinese and Russians and everyone else have been watching. We're all gonna get hammered because YOU'RE A DUMB ASS.


Cheney's Halliburton profited MASSIVELY from these wars while US Marines were killed.

These issues are MASSIVE compared to losing a few guns in Mexico (for which people wanted Obama impeached), or for showing indecision over Syria. There is NO COMPARISON.

As for being friendly with Saudis - wasn't Bush friendly with the bin Ladins?


So Hillary was beholden to the Saudis and Qataris and the banks and maintaining the status quo? What do you do? You vote for a racist torturer keen to turn the clock back to pre-bellum America? ARE YOU KIDDING?

Why you're wrong to vote the way you did 

Trump is an advocate for war crimes - torture - and most probably he's for economic disaster.

These things are far WORSE than ANYTHING Clinton has done or would do.

This includes taking speaking fees, or making dodgy property deals back in the day, or (one could even argue) setting out to destroy women who had affairs with her husband because they want to tell the truth.

Nobody on Hillary's team let a spanner drop into the world economy.
Nobody got killed fighting a war that they started.
Nobody even got delayed by traffic in Jersey.

The Right's behavior is consistently WORSE because thousands of US troops are committed to its crap TO THIS DAY, and soldiers' families have suffered loss, and veterans are maimed, or scarred in other ways.

It's worse because Obama inherited a cluster**** which he has been pissing out for eight years.
BJ and Jimmy and George Sr (when he's out) are still expressing their views and offering support to acting presidents.
Dubya is PAINTING.
You want to return to that cluster****?


If you supported Trump, you are an advocate for racism. It's very clear to those who DID NOT VOTE FOR TRUMP that those WHO DID VOTE FOR HIM:

  • Don't WANT to reduce the number of school, workplace, movie theater and army base shootings.
  • Don't WANT to allow people to practise the religion they choose.
  • DON'T WANT women to have a say over their own bodies, their own futures, and their lives.
  • DON'T WANT your elected representatives to COLLABORATE and COOPERATE with their opponents in government.
  • Don't WANT to resolve the issues highlighted by Black Lives Matter, or by the self-surveilling and caught-on-video police shootings.
  • Don't want people to live their lives as they choose with the people they love.
If any one of these things is important to you for the right reasons, you chose the wrong candidate. Is that fair?

There is no comparison between a center-right progressive whose husband executed a man when he was a governor so as to appear tough on crime in order to become president in the early 90s, and anyone to the right of that politically.

When Trump refused to allow people of color to rent his apartments, was that not WRONG? People like this brain serjun here who should be impeached for practicing medicine! Trump was fined for preventing POCs from living in his buildings, for the HATE. You want to end the hate?


Isn't she rightwing enough for you? Can she use the word Islamo-fascism in a sentence? She's already said she has an indoor voice and an outdoor voice! She has the wherewithal to use BOTH! But you want your lies told straight in your face?


Because RATIONAL PEOPLE DO NOT WANT TO exacerbate horrific problems of discrimination. Okay?


You voters want him in charge of making court appointments? Prejuduced appointments of racist StupidWhiteMen? You want to give him a gun which he'll flash around like Billy the Kid with a combover?

NO. That is wrong. To give a child an assault rifle is just wrong.

And Clinton's emails?

How about Bush's emails? And he had the authority and the temerity to place electronic communications (the ones he didn't delete) outside of Freedom of Information requests, and he increased the statute of limitations when it came to the release of plenty of correspondence too.

Trump is an incompetent and racist businessman with a questionable attention span, who relied on the generous US bankruptcy laws to bail himself out of trouble on a number of occasions.

You know this, right? You voted for a guy who won't be watched by Bernie and Obama, but by a cabal of egregious lunatics.

While Secretary Clinton was out and about overseas, the guy's been on a reality show.
Do you actually believe that he is THAT successful in business, that the couple of million he makes a year on The Apprentice isn't so insignificant as to be WASTING his TIME? If he was THAT GOOD in business, he wouldn't HAVE THE TIME for reality tv and if he was that strong a leader, he wouldn't have the EGO TO REQUIRE his primetime BullShythe tv show, and to diss Martha Stewart and to demand apologies from everyone. HE WOULDN'T HAVE THE TIME.

He comes from a world of evictions, and court-ordered property seizures, and refusals to pay contractors, and disastrous finances, and sourcing cheap resources overseas.

So everyone lets build a bridge and end the hate. Yay!

Pollsters miscalculated

The Merg Sessions at Tallaght Library: Kenneth Nolan’s Poetry/Prose Showcase

Tony Devlin dons his specs to begin his reading

“Flask Orphans” – a piece of flash fiction from Tony Devlin – is a descriptive Rise of the Machines type piece (with clones rather than robots), and contains echoes of Children-of-the-Corn type beings with “indulgent, vaguely unsettled smiles”.

It was one great piece among dozens that were performed by a number of spoken word artists on the second Saturday in October. 

Devlin read the piece in Tallaght Library at an event named after a cat.

Kenneth Nolan has been running the Merg sessions once a month for almost a year. Tallaght Library has given its blessing to run again in 2017.

“The Merg Sessions is named in honour of my cat Merg,” Kenneth explained. “When I sit down at my laptop to write, Merg comes and sits beside me on the arm of the chair. Out of pure silliness I got into the habit of reciting my work to Merg (as a writer who performs, we are always encouraged to read our work aloud). For my own amusement I would take her meows as a sign of support and approval. It is a solitary existence us writers lead whilst actually trying to write something decent. Merg always provides me with good company during my writing process, so we developed a sort of quasi-working partnership, and when the opportunity to run my own gig came about, I decided to name it after her by way of a thank you.
“To keep the 'admin' part of the gig fun for myself, re; social media, promo etc. it is Merg who is running the gig, she is booking all the poets, doing all the behind the scenes work,” Kenneth continued. “She has every intention of co-hosting each event with me, however, when the big day comes she always has some other last minute/pressing engagement which prevents her from showing up. Merg sends out regular updates on my facebook page in the lead up to the gig-poetry from a cat’s perspective you might say.”
Taking place on Saturday afternoon, once a month, it features performers reading or reciting their material – mostly poetry and short fiction, but anything goes.

Performer Natasha Helen Crudden gave her view on the monthly Tallaght Library showcase:
“The Merg is one of my favourite literary events, due mainly to the talent you get to witness and the sense of community you feel from the other writers. Ken has worked so hard to produce an event of the highest standard that is completely inclusive and encouraging to new performers, and I always look forward to each Merg Session.”
There’s a huge array of talent here; both young and seasoned performers are in attendance.

Bernadette O'Reilly reads
Bernadette O'Reilly’s poems had rhyming elements and meter that imbued her work with a sometimes whimsical or childlike quality, and the neat juxta-positioning of dark themes such as bereavement and unrequited love made for an intriguing performance.

Eamon Mag Uidhir is another long-time participant at the ‘The Merg’. Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse 2010 dealt with the violence of weather as “angry trees brandish their branches”.

Rob Buchanan read two moving poems – one related to the sense of loss he felt after hearing of a
Rob Buchanan
hate crime.

The adage “It’s funny coz it’s true” could have applied to Mervyn Ennis’s work. With Flowers, an in-yer-face and humorous lampooning of a former Prime Minister of Ireland, whose life – he explained – runs contemporaneously with his own, having played sports against him as a kid – was well received.

You can catch the final ‘Merg Sessions’ of 2016 on Saturday the 12th of November. 

Dates for 2017 are as follows:
January 14, February 11, March 11, April 8, May 6, June 10, July 8, August 12, September 9, October 7, November 4, December 2.

Check the listings before you attend. Kenneth announces them on Twitter and Facebook. They take place in Tallaght Library on a monthly basis. If you want to perform at the MERG sessions, this event can be booked in advance by contacting Kenneth at themergsessionstallaght[at]gmail[dot]com. Attendance is free for everyone.