My Fat-Shaming Story

The other day, I saw a middle-aged woman bending over at the bus stop, fetching something out of her bag. She was wearing light-blue lycra pants. Her rear end was vast. I was tempted to take a photo and post to social media with the caption:

Here in Dublin, you can park your bike at your local stop, before hopping on the bus into town!

But thank God I saw that picture the disgusting former Playboy tramp posted before I uploaded the photo!!! What a vile ****! She took a pic of a woman in the shower section of the changing room and posted the caption "I can't unsee this! And now neither can you!" or something. 

But the gym changing-room is not for that kind of thing! I HATE THAT BITCH! I! HATE! HER!

What a stupid pr**k bra*ns!!!

And if anyone ELSE steals my ideas, I will HATE THEM TOO!