Fitness Haks Written By NonNative Content Scribes...

Here are some English-as-a-Second-Language Reporters, who offer advice on how to stay Fit!

On office brakes, don't be afraid to get up and move around your desk.

People will be very impressed in your fitness when you do this method!

They think you are quite the big man if you get up during brekka and perform these motions:

Instead of eating your lunch, why shift your entire desk's position in the office plan? Because moving your desk across the office will build muscle mass!

Stick to your Fitness Schedule
Write up your schedule, and stick it to the front of your shirt. If you're forgetful in looking down, stick it on the back of your shirt.

Then others will say "Hey Boss, what's that on the back of your shirt?"
Then you say "Oh yes, this is my schedule!" and peel it off the back of your shirt, and realize that you must presently run away for your schedule. Anyone who points out that you had something stuck on your back will be very impressed with this teknik.

More fitness haks soon.