Top 5 Advocacy Posts in The Social Media This Thursday

WTF? Why was everyone wearing poppies for Heroin Awareness Week? Isn't that throwing it in our faces?
The UK's Unaware of the Outside World Drugs Awareness Group, which celebrates its Heroin Awareness week during Remembrance celebrations.

4Thanxgiving shave ur head. Remove skin. Expose skull. BThankful it didnt happen more often or U wouldnt be here! & GTF off my lawn. The Native American Campaign for Diversity Awareness.
While they're boiling, adding salt can extract the moisture out of a vegetable, so what you're left with is a lovely fluffy potato.
-from the Forum for Potato Cruelty

Tip: Beat up a beggar today so bad he ends up in the hospital for a few nights!
-Institute for the Advancement of Non-Homelessness

Pop Ya Colla! Such a shame we no longer have Cantona, with Usher burning up the charts back in 2001!
-Manchester United Fans keen to see a return to the year 2001.