Clean as Gold Pants? Spinning Around

The Andrex ad shows a bunch of adults grimacing when they're asked how clean they feel after they've taken a dump. Then they ask a bunch of Andrex-using kids the same question. 

There are surely a number of problems with this. Kids are WAY worse at wiping their asses than adults, and it's the adults who are grimacing.

One kid says he feels "as clean as a crocodile."

Like crocodiles are clean? If you get even a graze from a croc, their teeth are so riddled with bacteria that the blood poisoning will kill you if the croc doesn't eat you.

Gold pants are clean too according to the ad. One kid says he feels as clean as gold pants?

Certainly not the gold pants Kylie bought from an Oxfam shop and wore in the Spinning Around video in 2001. 'Magine how much worse they must be now!
The moral of the story is we shouldn't be taking advice from barely toilet-trained children on how clean our asses are.