Crime fiction authors Arne Dahl and Sam Blake talk in Malahide

When he's writing about cops and murder, Jan Arnald's pseudonym is Arne Dahl. He's an award-winning writer and critic from Scanda-Sfaaden, in the mould of Jon Lesbo with the funny O, the erudite Herring Mackerel and the late great Stieg "Glen" "A" Larsson.

While his books are lauded, Dahl's adaptations are also "as seen on the BBC4", alongside The Bridge and The Tunnel and The Chunnel and Ken Branagh and the Italian fella, and whoever else. 

And he's coming to Ireland for a chat with crime fiction writer Sam Blake, aka Vanessa O'Loughlin. In the guise beyond her Sam Blake moniker, Vanessa is a literary scout at Inkwell Group, and is generally acknowledged as knowing her stuff when it comes to book edits, and cover letters to agencies, and everything else. She also has an incredible resource for all things authorly at her Writing.IE presence.

Who are the enablers of this Crime Fiction Banter Session? The Malahide-based Something Wicked, who are at it again with the brilliant events!

It all takes place
SUNDAY 13th September 2015
3pm, Graham Bell Suite, The Grand Hotel, Malahide
Tickets: €10.00 

Not only that, but the day before on Saturday 12th, Sylvester's Church hall in Malahide plays host to 9-y-os and over, and Mr Shane Hegarty who wrote this buke:
He'll be talking about how he creates characters in his fiction, and he'll perform a reading. Further details from the Something Wicked peeps, who are also on the Twitter.