Ben Carson, Brain Surgery

Ben Carson looks like the most reasonable chap among the morons running for the Leader of the Dicks, so named after former Dick Head, Vice-President Cheney, in whose dark heart the real power lied.

This is only just going back about eight years previous.

But listen to what Ben has to say, and he seems the least worst of the morons. It's not brain surgery. Haha:
"We have weakened ourselves militarily...the sequester [reduction in military spending] is cutting the heart out of our personnel, our generals are retiring because they don't want to be part of this, and at the same time..."

"Our enemies are increasing and our friends can't trust us any more."

1. So stop bugging the German Chancellor's phone. Angle-a is already paranoid as beejeebers, having grown up behind the Ireddeddon Curtain, where you couldn't say boo to a doppel-gander* before being hauled away by the equivalent of the CIA or whatever.

2. End the Shoot First policy of the US Armed Forces. That's how innocent people, like Italian soldiers, nice Iraqi families, and Reuters news crews die. 

And it's actually terrible PR to see footage of asshole terrorists planting roadside IEDs and then being picked off from ten miles out in a splash of blood and guts on the heat sensitive cameras, the color draining away like a sustainable but gruesome Holi festival in a more Hinduistic region. Don't DO that.

You SPOT the terrorists through your night vision goggles, and you go down and you ARREST the mofos because you need to confirm that they're not burying the family rabbit, killed in a fit of pique by a studly, tattooed US Marine passing through the village, who'll be dealing with the PTSD decades from now. And you'd better pay for her counseling too, by the way. (Sidebar: Bush cut the VA budget just before he left office, forcing Obama to increase it again.)

So, it's not till the pubefaced hipsters shoot first that you can hammer them. And think twice before shooting people in the back, even when they're running away. 

It's extra trouble, but it's all in slightly better taste. Hearts and minds, hearts and minds. It does work. It's a LOT more difficult to gain employee trust after screwin' em over, for instance. Same diff.
Remember, you're not in Kansas any more. Use your indoor guns. 

3. When you DO arrest bold brats, don't rub them up the wrong way with an Alsatian's willy.

Then Mr Carson says:
"You know, Ukraine was a nuclear armed state. They gave away their nuclear arms with the understanding that we would protect them. We won't even give them offensive weapons."

Apparently the Ukraine was nuke-armed til '94 - when the British, under John Major The Grey, the US under BJ Clinton, and the Russian Federation of Planets under Drunk & Dancin' Boris Yeltsin - signed a deal guaranteeing the Ukraine's sovereignty.

Surely Russia is by far the biggest culprit out of all three parties. But you have your Monroe Doctrine, or whatever you'd call it now, and your half-century of troubles with Cuba.
Is Putin completely out of line in his foreign policy by comparison, despite the fact that he's a psychopath and doesn't care who knows it? If Putin sent weapons into Cuba, or encouraged more of the communismo, or did anything else Cuban, how would YOU feel about it? You are courting the Ukraine, encouraging pro-Western alliances and investment.  He does not like that.

And look what happened to Russia's economy because Reagan and Bush Sr weren't trusting enough of Mikhail or Boris to give more assistance in the Switcheroo to Democracy. It became a playground for oligarchs who are now bookmarked by Putin or added to his favorites, and that's not the same thing. The region around the Crimea is AT LEAST as corrupt as the United States. Putin's passed saving. What you gonna do? 

Send weapons, like the time when the weapons went to the Iraqis against Iran, and with the Afghanistan, with the weapons, against the Soviets? With the weapons? 

In less grey days...
How about diplomacy, with the reasoned and reasonable president you've had for the last seven years? Or just write busty Putin a letter, mansplaining things and undermining Obama's efforts?

"We turn our back on Israel, our ally." 

A hardliner like Netanyahu does not necessarily repurrazzent the entire Israeli state, even though he's leading their gurment, and he does. But just coz Nutty Bibi the Hardcase got an invite to all your Nutty Republican Hardcase GOP jamborees doesn't make him right in the head or anywhere else. See, Obama has enough problems dealing with assholes at home. Ahem. Nobody's abandoning Israel, despite their occupations. It's a secular utopia relative to some other places, for a start. So it'd be madness to deny them support entirely.

But post-Mackmood Armoured-Dinnerjacket, Iran's Wayne Rooney-led regime seems to be making an effort. Idiots have tried
Hassan Rouhani
to piss all over Obama's endeavors in returning the favor at diplomacy - something he had been working on, and something the Iranian government respected. Iranians are a nice progressive people on the ground, if you've seen them in the documentaries and you read the subtitles from the Farsi. So give pizza a chance, as the hungry people say. 

If you pronounce it right, you can turn it into pitta, and everyone has a bite to eat. It's not brain surgery! Haha!

*The word doppel-gander was coined by this man.