A bit of a double standard, methinks

Seen on radio journalist and all round dayyy-cent chap Bob McKenzie's wall was an article he'd shared about one girl's dating fail that she's turned around for the betterment of humanity, and has gone viral. She's exceptionally beautiful. I had a few pictures of her here, but they're her photos, so it's certainly not right to share given the opinion I want to give.

But check out her blogpost. It appears that they had a really great date, but he messaged the next evening to say that he was very taken with her face, personality, and everything about her, but he wasn't attracted to her body shape. He signed off by telling his date that he adores her.

On Bob's wall alone, the guy has been branded an arsehole, a prick, a body nazi, impotent, a fuckwit, small-willied, an arsewipe, and his sexual orientation has been questioned.

Women are, person for person, better than men. Generally, they're better bosses. They're more competent. They cope better with stress. They are more decent and more sympathetic and more intuitive.

Body size is extremely personal. There's a fierce double standard. Broadly, women can't eat the way men can. Men aren't pressured to bother about their own weight gain. Yet female slebs (for instance) are held to far higher standards in order to avoid a cellulite celluloid glitterati paparazzi showdown. If all men had to keep weight as low as women, there'd be a lot more slebs looking like Mick Jagger and Iggy Pop, only younger.

But reversing the above blog's gender roles, if a girl said she isn't turned on by a boy coz he's not her body type, and the guy turned that message into a campaign where thousands of strangers were in a position to suggest that she has lubrication issues down below, or that she's a bit too lesbianic by the sounds of things, or she's clearly a horrible mother to her son as she's insensitive to men...there's a strong possibility that that guy would (and many would say quite rightly) be crucified by social media.

This man says he likes skinny women. Not "skinning". He's not Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs. Now he's a monster, being called all sorts of things on the InterWeb, his words twisted to fit an agenda. Does this guy need to learn? People are asking "Why would he say that [about body size] if not to hurt the woman?" Hurting the woman is not the only reason for telling her that he likes stick insects. Maybe his preferences (now shared with the world) are - in fact - a flaw in his own capacity for relationships. And that's pretty much what he actually says. Maybe he was brutally honest about himself. Maybe he falls on his sword to let her know this.

The ludicrous expectations of the Size Zero culture (for those who feel it matters) - driven as ever by outrageous male expectations, encouraged more broadly by a society which is exceptionally misogynistic - happen to match(dotcom) up with his proclivities. But this guy isn't Tucker Max.

And if he instils in his teen daughter (mentioned by his date) responsible use of social media, and how the Internet is written in ink rather than pencil, and how vicious journalism can be in this day and age - rather than giving a shit about body-size coz there's somebody out there for everyone - he'll be doing very well for himself.