Clara Rose Thornton’s Alternatives: Poetry Book Launch and Short Film Premiere

A Wednesday evening poetry launch at the Liquor Rooms 21 June was an eclectic evening of culture. While not at all madness, the event turned into quite a late midweek session for many attendees. This reviewer is left believing it was only yesterday, when it took place some days ago.
Clara Rose Thornton launched her book Alternatives at the Liquor Rooms, where she spoke of “the sheer diversity of talent in Dublin’s literary scene,” in a country that's “old-fashioned in a way that’s very very positive compared to my homeland the States, where not so many people read the newspapers or listen to the radio any more.”

Also premiering were two (two!) short fillums - one a video to accompany Clara Rose's poem Champagne, directed by Ailish Kerr. The video is terrific - with a Roaring Twenties aesthetic - capturing a performance from the poet on what appears to be a very stylish, mid-afternoon or perhaps very-late-night, hair-of-the-dog, champagne-fuelled bender.

The second movie was a short film about Clara Rose and her experiences in Dublin and elsewhere. 

The title of the poetry collection is a pun on “alter natives” – which Clara Rose claims as her goal, changing – albeit in some small way – the mindsets of ‘natives’ in the countries where she travels to work and perform. 

Other performers at the event included Raven, a Californian living in Ireland, with magnetic abilities to transmit his engrossing ideas through the spoken word. Raven’s own book of poems was reviewed last year here.

Paul Timoney was also on the bill. Through frivolity and profundity, he debuted a spoken word piece about an incident from growing up that was touchingly evocative of childhood sadnesses.

Andre K'por, originally from Bosnia, organises a show of culture each month at Sin É, just across the river from Wednesday night's venue. His impressive spoken word performance included some rap.

Clara Rose performed some of her own work, accompanied on guitar by an impressive Enda Roche, improvising alongside the poet in a manner that showed consummate skill and a light touch.

Anyway, most of these folks are on the burgeoning performance circuit around Dublin and Ireland. Check them out or book them for an event - each of them is super!