Good Friday

In 1948, the Inter-Party coalition replaced Fianna Fáil. Dev and the gang - in government for more than a decade - had always been eager for news from the Vatican about red hat appointments.

Dev as a Chyung F'laa
Archbishop of Dublin John Charles McQuaid hadn't been made cardinal in the previous two sets of corporate promotions because even in Rome, people were starting to realise he was anti-Protestant, anti-Semitic, anti-mixed athletics, anti-dancing, and pre-marital-antenatal-send-them-off-to-the-laundries. Via correspondence with the organisers, he had effectively prevented Catholic-Protestant and Catholic-Jewish fora from taking place, insisting that only Catholics could lecture at the meetings, and that he had to approve the speakers (mostly priests), although he had no objection to Protestants and Jews attending.

The dodgy WW2 Pope Pius XII - who (some claim) was less outspoken against the Nazis than he should have been - looked at the Archbishop of Dublin and thought: "This guy is a fascist!"
Mr. Charlie Chaplin

The new Fine Gael led government sent a telegram to the Vatican at its first cabinet meeting stating it intended " repose at the feet of Your Holiness the assurance of our filial loyalty and of our devotion to Your August Person as well as our firm resolve to be guided in all our work by the teaching of Christ and to strive for the attainment of a social order in Ireland based on Christian principles."

Thankfully, we have a more healthy attitude where Rome doesn't dictate how we live our lives today, a better rapport where we're not being lectured to, and we can inquire and engage without fear of prosecution or prejudice. I'm off out to the pub tonight to have a few scoops to celebrate. Might head up North too! I hear the pubs in Belfast are open till 10pm.
Stay out of here now, yeh dirty beggar!