Russian gay men - What are they like?

In Russia, gay men believe that the streets of America are slicked with lubricant.

They believe that there are rows and rows of terraced housing in the United Kingdom, and each letterbox is padded, with a handsome man's bum waiting on the door's far side.

They believe that the vast majority of the heterosexual men of France will eagerly have gay affairs with any man who wants him.

Sure, only one of these "facts" is a reality, and it might exclude a more conservative Northern Ireland, and a far more liberal Wales.

But do you want gay Russian men to get the wrong idea?
Go smoke a blunt, Buster!
One man could choose to change things: Busty Putin. During the Sochi Olympics, Busty told the world press that the parliaments of the West were debating whether to decriminalise paedophilia. He used this as a pretext for anti-gay legislation in Russia.

That's not true though, is it? About decriminalising paedophilia? Next he'll be telling us that Jews look like rats.

Anyway, a luvverly pic of a couple in Saint Petersburg won the World Press Photo of the Year. It was taken by Danish docu-snapper Mads Nissen. That is all.