Why I removed the Twitter app from my phone

The #TwitterApp stopped working on my phone - it failed to log me on for a few days, even when I put in the password. Twitter got in touch a few days later to let me know that the issue had been fixed and to try to log on again. I removed the app rather than try again. I could still log in on my browser, and on the computer.

Why I removed the Twitter app:

You have a limited number of characters to compose a tweet. People have been attacked for racism, misogyny, militancy, flatulence, and flatulent militancy because they can't properly articulate their positions in 140 characters or less.

Here's the prahhhh-blem: If you're composing a tweet and you need to switch to another window (if you've received a text message, or you want to check your email or the InterWeb to confirm things before you tweet, or someone has called you), then, once you return to the Twitter app to finish your mini-epistle, your half-written tweet has disappeared. The aching concision involved in tweet composition often requires minutes rather than seconds. I've written tweets that I hope appear complimentary in terms of criticism, or humorous rather than overly offensive, but it's often impossible to tell if people discern what's pejorative and what ain't.

I heard that Twitter's developers have since fixed the issue. It's a disgrace that they did nothing sooner. My browser is a far better Twitter app than the low-end Twitter app itself. When focus is stolen from my BROWSER, any tweet that I'm in the middle of writing does not disappear. The browser people are not responsible for this social media terseness. The Twitter developers are. I am very grateful for this service, which is actually a lot of fun, but the app should be far more versatile than it is.